Food, Glorious Food!


The kitchen is my favourite room. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking in general. But I would follow recipes, buy jars and packets and pretty much just follow the basics to produce adequate sustenance, with occasional tweaks when I felt brave. I thought it tasted pretty good most of the time, but realise now I really was just scratching the surface.  Now, I look up recipes, get a feel for what is in it generally, then throw something together that may vaguely have hints of the source material but becomes my own creation and style. I have found that, if I don’t allow myself to be overwhelmed with the multiple millions of recipes out there, it is not so bad to venture off the beaten track and make something a bit more original. A bit more ME.

There have been times that I have seen or had something quite delicious and really wanted to know how to make it myself, but didn’t know where to begin. The ingredients list might as well be half foreign and what I did know I was unsure of amounts. Yet, over time and with practice, I have picked up knowledge of how to use certain common ingredients, what goes well together and now I can combine them to create incredible home cooked meals that would easily out shine the packet mix or jar that I would have once relied upon.

I hope to create a record of the successful ones I have made so far, both to keep a record to refer back to when I wish to make something again, and to refer others to when they ask how it was done.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a vast collection of tried and tested recipes that I fall back on and constantly add to, but I would like to integrate my own and rely less on the others so heavily. I would use them for inspiration, rather than instruction.

My family are enjoying the ride, as they get to sample my creations. They do have their favourites and unfortunately, as is the way of experimentation, they have also had the odd “never again!”

I’ll never be a famous chef or baker, but being able to put together an amazing meal or dessert from scratch that we can all delight in is accomplishment enough for me.


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