Things To Do This Summer


It’s very easy to list a whole host of ideas, events, locations and activities to keep your child/children busy in the long summer holidays. Yet, after only a week or two we are lagging behind and only want to be left alone for a couple of hours peace and quiet. I am guilty of this, and I am sure many other parents/guardians can relate.

We ask Kaylah what would she like to do? Her ideas are fine, the beach or the park. Easy enough, but the motivation soon runs out to go very far, so I am hoping to try and kick start the summer with a trip out tomorrow to a beach or park, “If the weather is nice”. That seems to be the main criteria for most things.

When I was her age, most of my time was spent out playing on my estate with school buddies, without any real concern. Today, it seems that sadly there is so much to worry about when your child is out of the home on their own. The constant fear of something happening to them is bigger and bolder than it ever used to be. Even just outside within sight of my front door is a constant worry in the back of my mind. It really shouldn’t be this way, children should be able to play out without looking over their shoulder for a stranger taking too much interest in them, and the responsible adult watching over them like a hawk.

However, despite the concerns and dangers of modern society, we still intend to make the most of the next 6 weeks. London museums, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches and parks galore. Being on the coast is a big advantage, but it really does pay to look into what is available to do before just jumping on the bus or in the car.

Sunscreen and hats will be essential, but other than that we are open to anything that may take our interest. A visit to a farm and maybe a tractor ride, or throwing together a picnic and heading to Wingham Wildlife Park with our season tickets in good weather. Staying in and baking or painting when it’s not so nice. We don’t have a real holiday away planned, so it’s little days out here and there to break up the long break from school. Fitting things in around Colin working is not terribly difficult as we can review his shifts and see which days he has off, to plan ahead. It is important that there are days planned around him where possible, not just me and Kaylah otherwise we miss out on those important family times. She’s pretty tolerant of the fact that Daddy works odd days and as long as she knows what’s ahead then she is happy enough.

I want to enjoy these days with her as much as possible, as she’s growing up so fast. Eventually, hanging with the parents won’t be cool any more and any time spent will be a bonus. As children we thing the summer lasts forever, but as parents their whole childhood is gone in the blink of an eye. Savour every moment with your child/children, I certainly intend to!


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